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The first Amariglio B&B was born in Ozieri, in the heart of Sardinia, in the historical region of Logudoro in 2012. It was born to combine tradition and hospitality, with an eye towards sustainable development. In 2017, Maria Vittoria and Francesco put forward the concept of Amarillo Style in the apartment where they lived their years as students, taking advantage of the talent of Graziella, mother and artist. Located in the heart of Sassari, Amariglio is in via Stintino, at a stone's throw from the Court and the central Piazza d'Italia.

Welcome to Sardinia

Amariglio takes you back in time, trying to give its guests quality, combining tradition and modernity. We will not miss the opportunity to introduce you and guide you to the most authentic Sardinia. Follow Maria Vittoria on Flanieren in Sardegna! She speaks of Sardinia, in the flanieren style! Stay tuned!

Get to know Sardinia with Flanieren!

Ozieri, a pearl in North Sardinia

Discover Ozieri, read more about Ozieri and its beauties. The bread, the sweets, the wines. The noble architecture typical of the city, the Basilica of Saint Antiochus of Bisarcio. The Flanierens will stay with you!


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La gentilezza e la disponibilità dei proprietari! Ottima colazione! La struttura è impreziosita dalle opere di un'artista locale che richiamano le tradizioni e i costumi della Sardegna! Ben fatto! Parcheggio gratuito nei dintorni!
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Amariglio B&B Ozieri

Amariglio B&B Sassari

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